IDC Services

Internet Data Center Services

Nowadays, the fierce market competition and tight corporate budgets draw the concern for enterprises to seek more economic and effective information, system operation, and maintenance schemes.

Ultimately, system safety and data loss prevention are the current achievements for most enterprises.

GOIP AULA LTD is able to provide a world class data center service in order to meet all requirements above.

GOIP AULA LTD IDC data centers adopt a diverse, high quality and standardized operation and management system to provide data storage, data backup, data service and information system to our customer.

Key Features

  • Tier III+ fully-redundant infrastructures ensure high availability and business continuity.
  • We offer complete solutions and cost-effective services, from server colocation to tailor-made managed services.
  • By using our premium routing host service, customers will not only solve the interoperability problem between different ISP, but also the advantages of redundancy line.


Carrier Neutral Internet Data Center. Multi ISP connection (China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, and Global Telco Carrier with BGP IP…etc), redundancy network, firewall router and switch.


IPLC/ DIA / IP transit backup, redundant core routing equipment.

Redundant Power Supplies

To minimize the potential risks of power failure and keep your servers up and running at all times, each of our data centers are equipped with parallel redundant uninterruptible power supply (UPS), Additionally, there are standby backup generators and a battery backup system to guarantee zero-downtime service.

Environmental Control

All our data centers are equipped with 24-hour Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC). Our systems are maintained at a constant temperature of 22ºC and a relative humidity of 45%. This provides an optimal environment for server hosting.

Security & Fire Safety

Our 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) monitors the data center with a CCTV surveillance system, motion-detection sensors and an alarm system to prevent any physical intrusions. For fire control, we use two fire fighting systems — a Fire Master 200 (FM 200) fire suppression system and a water pre-action system.

Server Colocation


Co-location is one of the most effective methods to ensure continuous operation of your web environment. You rent secure space and reliable network connectivity in our data center, and maintain your own equipment. Our co-location services provide the level of customization required to meet your unique and growing business needs.

Choosing a reliable provider is important where we know that any downtime of either internal or external applications even for a minute can cost you revenue and customer loyalty.

We are experience in handling all your operational needs for utility hosting, transition hosting and application hosting through:

  • Standard 42U, 45U, 52U Rack for Server, router hosting
  • Data Centre Internet service with multiple international routing path
  • High Speed DIA Internet at Data Centre
  • IP Transit service to oversea countries
  • 7×24 Server Support, Network Support
  • 7×24 Uninterrupted Power supply environment
  • 7×24 Data centre technical support
IDC Services Hong Kong 1

Hong Kong

  • China Telecom Global – Global Switch
  • China Mobile International – GNC
  • HKCOLO Telehouse HK CCC
IDC Services Flag of Taiwan


  • Chief Telecom IDC
IDC Services Flag of Philippines


  • Manila PLDT Vitro IDC
IDC Services Flag of Singapore


IDC Services Flag of Vietnam


  • Hanoi Viettel IDC
IDC Services Flag of China


  • Shenzhen China Dragon Telecom Data Center
  • Shenzhen Humeng Data Center
  • Dongguan Towngas Telecom Data Center
  • Guangzhou Efly Data Center

Virtual Pops

Security & Fire Safety

Save time and money with our state of the art system that enables you to create new points of presence within minutes. It’s the ultimate way to deploy a worldwide carrier network.

The Fastest Way To Deploy A Worldwide Carrier Network
Due to the transforming digital and technology era, it has become necessary for businesses to have presence in different locations either domestically or internationally. Building such a presence seems to be tedious, cost as well as time consuming.

Our Virtual PoP service is the fastest way to deploy worldwide carrier networks. It is designed to save time and money for every carrier and businesses, helping them to grow fast at a reasonable cost.

Using our Virtual POP, you can create your new points of presence within minutes; no CAPEX expenses or long term commitments. The service is highly scalable, fully manageable by the customer and easy to use and control.


Benefit of GOIP’s Virtual PoP

  • Create any desired new points of presence within minutes
  • No CAPEX expenses or long term commitment
  • Highly scalable and manageable
  • Cost- effective and highly scalable China Mainland and Global network resource
  • Get billed according to circuits allocated
  • 24/7 Network Operating Centre for Monitoring & Support


Bandwidth Rental Products

Size of Bandwidth

Type of Sharing : 100M Fast Sharing
Dedicated Type : Provide bandwidth from 1M to 10G Dedicated Bandwidth

Category According to The Type of Bandwidth
Single Line : Telecommunication bandwidth or network bandwidth
Double Line: Telecommunication with Network communication bandwidth

BGP :Provide integration of dual or multi line bandwidth and intelligent selection router.

Space Rental Service

  • The space of the cabinet is rented according to the actual size of the equipment(U as a unit, 1U =4.445cm)
  • Rental of ¼ of Cabinet
  • Rental of ½ of the Cabinet
  • Rental of the Whole Cabinet
  • Rental of VIP IDC
  • Rental of the IDC as a whole

Colocation Service includes the following for free

  • Network wiring, power supply connection
  • IP address allocation and VLAN division
  • Distribution and connectivity of switch port and fiber interface connectivity
  • Cabinet Tray and Angle Iron Installation
  • MRTG traffic statistics platform
  • 7x24x365 network monitoring
  • Restart service for server, network equipment and others.
  • Preliminary detection by external display towards the collocated equipment during system failure.
  • BBS registration service for non internet operating businesses.