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Flexible Basis IaaS Cloud Products

GOIP provide professional Elastic Compute Cloud platform, covering cloud servers, cloud storage and other IaaS layer of foundation business services for domestic SaaS providers, PaaS service providers, traditional software development companies and system integrators, as well as thousands online games, e-commerce, online education, social networking sites and other service providers to provide a convenient, easy to use, energy-saving, reliable and efficient elastic IT infrastructure services.

Save Worry

Away from Trojans. Anti DDOS attack
Enjoy a highly reliable and efficient cloud computing Self-management of resources across multiple data centers

Save Effort

Plug & Play. Rapid Deployment.

Save Money

Equivalent performance. Lower cost
Monthly payment no deposit, instant capacity on demand High-quality, self-service to reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Innovative and Seamless

Our Enterprise Cloud service is an innovative, seamless and easy-to-manage private cloud solution.


As the first private cloud to deploy software defined networking (SDN), Enterprise Cloud has the flexibility to meet your business needs.

Unparalleled Global Reach

Enterprise Cloud is built on the foundation of our global IP backbone networks, and our secure global data centers.

Features and Benefits

Globally Integrated

Build globally seamless, hybrid cloud systems that span locations with our highly scalable, enterprise-class, Enterprise Cloud service. Enterprise Cloud combines hosted private, public, multi-tenant and third-party cloud infrastructures. Clouds can connect at Layer 2, using highly-secure software-defined networking (SDN) technology, and integrate with your on-premises infrastructure, creating a true hybrid cloud. This gives you the flexibility to locate compute resources close to important markets, or if data sovereignty is important, restrict deployment to your host country.

Enterprise Cloud is built on the foundation of our global IP backbone networks and our global premiere data centers. We offer a direct connection to our closed network connectivity between global data centers and the cloud.

Cloud Migration

Our Enterprise Cloud solution is supported by advisory, migration, operations and management services to help you quickly deploy the most functional cloud infrastructure tailored to the specific needs of your business.

CloudFast Connect


GOIP CloudFast Connect a type of cloud direct connect where its technology is based on GOIP Cloud Fast Exchange Network, which cater enterprises a high speed dedicated line service between public cloud, data center and enterprise institutions.

CloudFast Connect is based on the backbone connected by 100 core nodes in China and 7 core nodes worldwide.

It is also based on GOIP worldwide pop nodes where the network resource pool is built with the interconnection of global mainstream public cloud. Such interconnection lead to stable and high quality network connection services to enterprises that had demand for domestic and foreign cloud access.

Three main interconnection scenario includes, connection from a data center to a public cloud, public cloud to public cloud and etcetera. GOIP CloudFast provide enterprises a high speed cloud access experience and a solution for remote data transmission, multi area business interconnection and inter cloud business access.

Features and Benefits

Worldwide Coverage

Interconnection of 100 POPs nodes worldwide with the current trend public cloud in the world.

High Security

Multi encapsulation, protection and isolation of the private networks to ensure the independent of the network and is not affected by other, to effectively prevent data being monitored and stolen.

High Stability

It is based on quality global backbone network, leading to a smooth response to high concurrent access and providing stable network services for users.

High Reliability

The guarantee comprehensive usability not less than 99.9% , through the combination of advanced network technology.

Dedicated Network Interconnection

Based on GOIP Cloud Switched Network covering worldwide dedicated network resources and provides multi-scenario dedicated line interconnection.

Flexible Deployment

Users can quickly deploy and deliver, save construction cost and time for completion based on GOIP Cloud Switched Network internal resources interconnection.

High Quality Network

Low latency, high redundancy, multi routing and high quality network processing capabilities.

Scenario 1 - Enterprise Connects Public Cloud
Scenario 2 - IDC Connects Public Cloud
Scenario 3 - Public Cloud connects Public Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Through DCI, ECI and other network connecting services, Interconnection of the global public cloud based on GOIP Cloud Switched Network, help enterprises quickly to achieve the required hybrid cloud solutions including multi-location management, such as Public Cloud + Physical Servers, Public Cloud + Private Cloud, Multi-Cloud to Internet Data Center and etc.

Cloud Management Platform

Solutions for Multi Cloud Users
One Platform to See and Manage Applications and Cost Across Worldwide Clouds and Servers

Cloud Platform Management

Cloud Platform Analytics

Features of CMP

One Platform to Access All Your Clouds

Getting an overview, manage, automate and govern workloads across any cloud or any server.

Instant Access to Cloud Resources

Quick and easy access to cloud resources for instant cloud development through one platform

Drive Cloud Cost Optimization

Overviewing the past, present, and future cloud usage and optimize your ongoing cloud spend to control for effective budget plan.

Frictionless Control

Automate policy-based governance that eliminates barriers without sacrificing control

Easy to Use

Save Time and Money

More Secure

More Productive and Efficient

Flexible Service

Open Platform

Cloud Platform Management

A platform which manages multi data center, private and public cloud. It allows cross cloud monitoring management and automated operation and maintenance, thus simplifies management and improves efficiency.

Cloud Management Features

Cloud Management Monitoring

Allows monitoring usage of each cloud in detail.

Multi Cloud Price Comparison

Allows you to compare the market price of all clouds to ensure that you purchase your resources at the best rate and budget effectively spend.

Role Based Access Control

Allows admin to limit access for each individual for viewing and control of the platform.

Cloud Platform Analytics

A platform which manages multi data center, private and public cloud. It allows cross cloud monitoring management and automated operation and maintenance, thus simplifies management and improves efficiency.

Cloud Analytics Features

Cloud Billing

Billing of expenditure spend of each cloud allow easy financing and tracing.

Cloud Cost Detailed Analysis

Effectively analyze cost and resources that each cloud spend individually and as an overall to ensure cost and resources used effectively.

More Features on CMP

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Our Clouds

Managed Cloud Service


Cost Effective

Managed Cloud Service focuses in providing cloud operation, management and maintenance services for pre and post cloud usage. Services include construction, development, migration, monitoring and management, cloud project management and so on. This one stop integrated managed cloud service help enterprise IT to solve daily cloud operations and maintenance issue ensuring resources is used to its optimal and to reduce enterprise expenditure.


Professional and certified cloud architects to build high functionality and cloud infrastructure.


Professional software development teams will code the cloud platform according to your requirement and benefit in the project.


Cloud migration by our professional technical team, moving the data to a more efficient cloud infrastructure.


Cloud migration by our professional technical team, moving the data to a more efficient cloud infrastructure.

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