Cloud Solutions & Data Protection

Managed Cloud Service


Cost Effective

Managed Cloud Service focuses in providing cloud operation, management and maintenance services for pre and post cloud usage. Services include construction, development, migration, monitoring and management, cloud project management and so on. This one stop integrated managed cloud service help enterprise IT to solve daily cloud operations and maintenance issue ensuring resources is used to its optimal and to reduce enterprise expenditure.


Professional and certified cloud architects to build high functionality and cloud infrastructure.


Professional software development teams will code the cloud platform according to your requirement and benefit in the project.


Cloud migration by our professional technical team, moving the data to a more efficient cloud infrastructure.


Cloud migration by our professional technical team, moving the data to a more efficient cloud infrastructure.

Case Study


AWS Website Deployment Plan

AWS Development Test Task Release Deployment Plan

ALIBABA CLOUD Ecommerce Business Deployment Plan

ALIBABA CLOUD Hybrid Cloud Deployment Plan

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration service that you will not miss when using cloud

Professional and experienced technical team to help your business to migrate your current cloud or server environment to a more efficient cloud infrastructure. Our team of professional engineers with various qualifications at the operating system level will assist and deal with various types of OS and customers’ application projects.

The technical engineer team turns and realizes your technical ideas in all aspects of the IT solution into a realistic scenario according to the standard operating procedures. Supports three migration environments such as public cloud to cloud, data center to cloud, and enterprise to cloud.

Support three migration environments such as public cloud to cloud, data center to cloud, and enterprise to cloud

Cloud Solutions & Data Protection 3 scenario of cloud migration

Data Migration

GOIP Data Migration will simplify the complexity of system migration, migrating the existing systems without stopping the production system, which includes all data from the operating system, applications, user information and network configuration, etc. The time of migration process is thoroughly planned and reviewed and all the service will be immediately switched to the new system after the migration, realizing non-stop service during the migration process. The migration process is planned with precision and all services are immediately switched to the new system post-migration in a seamless manner. This outlines the professional delivery that our migration service provides.

All IT systems are constantly evolving and undergoing rapid change to react to market advances which as a result of updates in hardware, applications systems, software systems and so on. These changes inevitably involve the migration of ‘the system’ with the biggest impact being on business downtime. In today’s fast-changing market, more downtime means there are opportunities lost and increased cost. Therefore, the system migration must meet the following requirements; migrate as quickly as possible, deliver a smooth and reliable migration and the migration should not result in any service or revenue loss.

Product Features

Migration Independent of Hardware

Near-Zero-Downtime Migration

Efficient Date Transfer Algorithm

Fully Support All Kinds of Application & Services

Drivers Migration Mode

Data Backup

GOIP Data Backup Service is a powerful enterprise-level data backup and management software, providing a complete data backup mechanism for UNIX, Windows and Linux environments and protecting all the data ranging from working group to enterprise-level server. The administrator can manage all the state of backup and restore through the visual graphical user interface, making a unified enterprise backup strategy. Our data backup provides backup and recovery resolution specific to Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server.

Features of Data Backup

Scalable Instruction

Support Multiple Recovery mode

Fully Support, Incremental and delta data back

Support All Kinds of Backup Media

Support Multiple Operating System