Seamless China and Global Cloud Exchange Solutions – GoIP

Experience seamless China and global cloud exchange solutions with GoIP today. The CloudFast Connection is based on worldwide pop nodes, leading to high-quality network connection services with great stability.

GOIP CloudFast Connect a type of cloud direct connect. Its technology is based on GOIP’s Cloud Fast Exchange Network. This solution caters enterprises a high speed dedicated line service between public cloud, data centre and enterprise institutions.

CloudFast Connect is based on the backbone connected by 100 core nodes in China and 7 core nodes worldwide.

GOIP Cloud Exchange Solution is based on GOIP’s worldwide pop nodes. The network resource pool is built with the interconnection of the global mainstream public cloud. Such interconnection leads to stable and high-quality network connection services. Mainly to enterprises that had demand for domestic and foreign cloud access.

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GOIP Cloud Exchange Solution Ecosystem Diagram

How Do GOIP Cloud Exchange Solutions Help?

GOIP offers Cloud Exchange Solutions to the customer where they could select and connect the cloud and data centre. The customer can choose to connect cloud that they would want to connect. Hence, GOIP Cloud Exchange Solution provides customers with an alternative to connecting other than public internet.

GOIP Cloud Exchange Solutions allows three connection scenario. Such as enterprise to cloud, data centre to cloud and cloud to cloud. All in just one simple click. By this method, clients can move their application and data from their own original server, datacenter or clouds to GOIP PoPs or hub over a private line through an account with GOIP Cloud Exchange Solution. As a result, connecting the data and applications to its desired cloud destination. GOIP Cloud Exchange Solutions helps connectivity final last segment to be in a more secure and high-speed fibre optic circuit environment.

GOIP Cloud Exchange Solution is definitely a better and most appealing approach. This is especially for companies who use clouds but do not wish or feel secure when the data is connecting through the public internet. GOIP Cloud Exchange Solution had already connected to many mainstream public clouds in the world. Such as Alibaba Cloud, Aliyun (China), Tencent Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (Global & China), Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Baidu Cloud and the list goes on.

GOIP Cloud Exchange Solution also had had altogether 500 Point of Presence globally to connect customers to wherever cloud they would desire. The biggest advantage of GOIP Cloud Exchange Solution is having a stronger and farther reach to the China Mainland. GOIP Cloud Exchange Solution connecting your clouds globally as well as China Mainland. The cloud services and solution will continually improve and to be announced.

GOIP cooperating with many major telecom carriers and cloud providers.  In which they are tied together in a GOIP meeting hub. This is where all the cables of different network providers come together. Hence, through these partnerships, GOIP connects our customer anywhere at any time.

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